Our mission is to provide quality beers brewed on premises and a welcoming, comfortable tasting room that creates a community, a place to share stories, and a place to make new friends. We are a Nano Brewery (2 Barrel) that strives to brew quality beer using the highest quality ingredients while incorporating our own unique local flare and flavors. All of our beers are unfiltered, and consist of 100% all natural ingredients. Our ultimate goal is to share our love of Craft Beer with our community.

About Our Logo

Our logo focuses primarily on the city of Fort Walton Beach. Being a multi-faceted city, the variety of typefaces in this logo take root in the variety of experiences one finds in Fort Walton Beach. The word “Fort” uses the U.S. Air Force’s official font, Berthold Akzidenz Bold Extended. “Walton” takes on an older, more established font in honor of the town’s 1838 name, Camp Walton. “Brewing” uses a font with terminals that are reminiscent of germinated malts: where the hull splits. Each word takes used letters that are slightly out-of-place, a nod to Fort Walton Beach’s refusal to be either a beach or a fort.